Cabinet Painting

Painting cabinets and refinishing has been an ongoing trend for several years. Outdated, stained cabinets can make a space feel aged, tired, and neglected. By professionally refinishing, you can breathe new life into your fixtures and make your home or office feel sleek and modern!

As Professionals, we like to distinguish between a home owner "painting" their own cabinets and our process. This is not simply slapping a coat of color over your wood cabinets!

  • We carefully remove your doors and drawer faces for professional spray finishing back at our spray shop. This gives you a factory finish quality you can’t achieve with a brush or roller! * Carefully clean, then sand all surfaces for proper abrasion
  • Caulk, putty, and repair any gaps, or imperfections
  • Apply bonding primer to all surfaces
  • Paint final coats for perfect finish and colour
  • Return doors and drawers to original locations


  • We will mask off all countertops and nearby flooring with plastic and heavy paper. This will stay down for the duration of the project.
  • We remove all doors, drawer faces, hinges, and hardware and carefully label each one so it is returned to the exact same location. These are transported back to our spray booth for custom finishing outside of your home or office.
  • We will caulk every gap, seam, crack, or joint we can find so there is no space visible after painting. We use a wood filler to coat any holes, divots, or heavy graining.
  • We wipe every piece, including your base cabinets down with degreaser and denatured alcohol to remove all food, oils, and even microscopic surfactants that might interfere with proper adhesion.
  • We then detail sand every square inch of the surfaces we will be painting to prepare the surface for the primers and finishes. (Don’t worry about the mess, we use HEPA vacuum systems to contain the dust!)
  • The primers we use are oil-based to prevent bleed through, seal the surface completely, and provide maximum adhesion. In our eyes, this is the most important part of the whole process.
  • After sanding that coat smooth, we then apply the first coat of final urethane enamel in the desired color. This is when most customers start to get excited!
  • Another round of sanding, and we are ready for the second coat of final color to complete the transformation. For your cabinet boxes in your home we use detail brushes and fine finish rollers to apply a professional, uniform, smooth coating to the bases.
  • The same process is happening back at our spray booth for your doors and drawer faces, except that all of these coatings are spray applied for a smooth and uniform factory finish. For the doors/drawer faces, we spray an additional clear conversion varnish as an additional layer of protection for the surfaces that receive the most abuse. This layer is incredibly hard, and holds up to a lifetime of handling, scratches, and nicks.
  • Once cured, we return the doors/drawer faces back to their original positions, install hinges and hardware, and perform our final clean up.
  • From start to finish, the process takes 5 days. We like to start a project on a Monday, and have you back together on Friday.

Refinished and Painted cabinets help Resell Value!

A quick Google search will prove that every industry expert from Realtors to Forbes say that painted cabinets increase re-sell value and reduce days on market when selling your home. This is especially true when paired with on-trend color schemes and neutral palettes.

Knowing that your investment pays dividends in the future may ease the pain of purchasing professionally finished cabinets. Knowing that on average painting cabinets costs 60-80% LESS than new cabinetry should make convincing your significant other a no-brainer.

resell value1

Tired of heavy wood grain? Want a more modern look for your space?

With our Advanced Grain Filling Option, we can make even the most pitted and rustic cabinet doors look like a sleek modern showpiece!

We offer various antiquing options including glazing, shadowing, pin-striping, and others! If you have a picture of the desired look, we can likely bring that dream to life. Pricing varies for additional specialty finishes, and is custom tailored to your requests.

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Frequently asked Questions:

Not usually. We usually paint to the finished inside lip so that when the doors are closed everything is painted and uniform. We certainly CAN paint inside the boxes, but this adds to the time it takes and the overall pricing.

Yes! After our team leaves for the day, (about 4PM) your kitchen is usable! We will have masking on all the countertops and floors, but feel free to use it without worrying about making a mess!

NO! With our process, your cabinets and drawers can stay full. You will simply have to live without doors and drawer faces for one week.

The odor is kept to a minimum, but we always tell our customers that primer day is the worst smelling of them all. Usually dissipating within 12 hours, it is a necessary evil to achieve a long lasting professional finish. We can open nearby windows, and also have an air handler unit that is vented outside if you have special allergies or sensitivities.

Yes! Our advanced grain filling services cost a little more, but can make even the most grainy doors look smooth as modern cabinets. We spend time with each client to really understand the look they want to achieve, and then look forward to delivering their dream.

We’ve seen that too. It is often a result of improper preperation and low quality products. Because we spend much of our time preparing the surfaces properly, and only use the highest quality products that we’ve hand selected over many years of experience, we don’t have these problems. Our 5 year warranty with no questions asked gives you peace of mind knowing if anything were to happen during this time, we will take care of it!

Most systems in our area cost between $3k - $5k. This is a fraction of the cost of new cabinets! Many factors go into pricing, including how many pieces, the intricacy of the design, the color we are using, and the distance we are driving. Estimates are free and we will bring you a sample door so you can see and feel what your cabinets can be like!

Check out this short video of Jeremy applying the first coat of primer to this dark wood door!

Our spray booth allows us to produce professional finishes for your pieces!