The Men In White Painting Story

Born and raised in the Mt. Vernon area, MIW owner Mark Black was raised with small business values his whole life. His father, Richard Black was the owner of The Medicine Shoppe pharmacy in Mt. Vernon and worked hard to grow his reputation of personal, excellent customer service.

Mark took these lessons to heart and after working in the family business for 5 years, decided to start a painting company. Taught by his Uncle who was a professional painter, Mark honed his skills desiring to be the best painter in the area. He also used the same personal attention to detail that his family’s business had taught him, and soon the results were clear. Customers desire organized, friendly service in a timely manner. Business started to grow quickly. He soon had a reputation as an honest, hard-working painter who provided excellent work and actually did what he said he would do.

There is a great divide in the contracting world between men and women of character, and those who are simply looking for a paycheck. We desire to be the company that not only takes pride in the craftsmanship of our coating applications, but also in HOW we did the job. From the original proposal, to the production, to the follow up after the work is completed, we desire that our customer experience is easy, informed, and stress free.

Mark’s little company grew quickly and today boasts several crews of professional painters, a full office staff for the careful planning and organization of each project, and a fleet of vehicles to transport all of our professional tools to your jobsite. Having additional manpower has solidified Men In White Painting as one of the largest paint companies in the area allowing them to tackle large scale projects as well as having enough crew members to get to your residential project in a timely manner.

Along with all the hard working men and women of the team here at Men In White Painting, Mark’s family has been pivotal in the success of the company. His wife and best friend Nicole has supported him by assisting in many different roles in the business while also raising their five children.