Our Story

Men In White Painting is owned by Mark and Nicole Black who reside in the Mt Vernon area. Mark is a lifelong resident, and Nicole is a transplant from Northern California. Both were raised by parents who were business professionals also. They instilled principles such as hard work, expecting excellence, and extreme customer service that have supported Men In White Painting from its beginning to the present.

The two set out from the beginning to elevate their trade in the eyes of their community. They wanted to attract excellent talent and work for excellent customers who respected their skills and sought an elevated experience. They built their company one team member at a time, taking the time to train them thoroughly, monitor quality, and instill the same business values that had launched them in the first place.

The business surged as customers responded positively. It was clear that customers simply wanted a professional experience that was simple, detailed, and had great value for the cost.

Fast forward to today, Men In White has dozens of team members working in the field, and a whole office staff that supports them with communications as well as project planning. In addition to running a busy company, Mark and Nicole home-school their 5 children, raise chickens, goats, pigs, cats, and dogs at their small "homestead" and enjoy gardening and outdoor activities for fun.