Exterior Pricing

How much do you charge for exterior painting?

Exterior painting is very custom since it is rare to find two homes exactly alike.
Many factors affect the final price including such things as how much cleaning needs to be done before surfaces can be painted. Are there any repairs needed before coatings are applied? How many coats will it take to protect the surface properly? What is the final color to be? How high is the work being performed?

We have listed a few general price guidelines below to help give you a good estimate of your project:

Small Exterior

$2,750 - $4,000

1200 - 1800 Sq Ft.

Medium Exterior

$4,000 - $9,000

1800 - 3000 Sq Ft.

Large Exterior

$9,000 - $14,000

3500 - 5000 Sq Ft.