Interior Pricing

How much do you charge for an average room?

Interior painting is difficult to give an average price for since there are so many variables from home to home. Many times, price is affected by such things as surface texture, repair work needed, lots of furniture in a small space, or final color selection.

We have listed some rough averages below for consideration to compare your spaces to before calling for an estimate:

Prices are LABOR only, any paint provided would be in addition to this cost

Wall surfaces are always factored at two coats of paint.

Ceiling surfaces are always factored at one coat of paint.

Doors, Casing, Baseboards, and any other wood-work are factored at one coat.

All pricing below assumes an average 8 foot ceiling height.

Small Bathroom 3x4

 Walls Surface  $325.00
 Ceiling Surface  $130.00
 Trim and Doors  $195.00

Small Room 12 x 12

 Wall Surface $390.00
 Ceiling Surface $195.00
 Trim and Doors  $260.00

Medium Room 15 x 15

 Wall Surface $455.00
 Ceiling Surface $260.00
 Trim and Doors  $325.00

Large Room 20x15

 Wall Surface $520.00
 Vaulted Ceiling $390.00
 Trim and Doors  $325.00

Cabinet Painting

 20-40 Doors  10-20 Drawers  $3,000-$7,000

Drywall Repair


Hanging, Finishing & Texture Matching