Charity Events

We give back to our community.

We believe in giving back to the communities that have supported us over the years. Every year, we sponsor local sports like Martial Arts, Little League baseball or Soccer Teams. We also invest in the arts, supporting Dance, Art Classes, and Music Instruction. We don’t just donate money either. We invest our time in serving our communities by serving on boards for local organizations and charities. We volunteer our service and time to our local Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Clubs, which always provide interesting opportunities to serve our communities. We volunteer to coach and mentor young people as they work toward becoming productive members of society and well-rounded adults. Every year, we look for opportunities to use the talents and resources we have been blessed with to benefit others. We perform at least one "Paint It Forward" project yearly. This is where members of the community submit nominations for an individual or organization that does good for our community and needs some painting services that we can offer at no cost. It’s just one more way that Men In White Painting gives back to those that have given us much!