Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting Services

We all want to put our best foot forward with the curb appeal of our homes. First impressions matter! By investing in the exterior painting of your home, you not only look your best, but your home is protected from decay, keeps bugs away, and keeps your home value up should you ever decide to sell. Many potential buyers judge a home’s value by curb appeal alone.


By providing the correct tools and equipment needed for the job, we can accomplish your exterior paint job quickly and safely. Most painting injuries occur from homeowners doing an exterior painting that are unfamiliar with ladders or ladder safety. Let us make your home beautiful and give you the peace of mind of knowing the job is being done correctly and safely. Our customers feel protected knowing we are fully insured and carry workman’s comp on all of our team members.

We paint many surfaces including cedar, aluminum, various concrete board products, and even vinyl!

Our exterior painting team delivers professional protection, preparation and production of your exterior project every time. We never skip a step! This gives you (and us!) the peace of mind that your project will last the full warranty of the product without needing maintenance earlier. Ask any of the thousands of happy clients we have in the area, and you will hear that we deliver the value, satisfaction, and quality we advertise.


Everyone knows that the secret to a long-lasting exterior painting job is proper preparation! We spend the time needed to properly clean, sand, scrape, caulk, or putty all surfaces as needed before applying any coatings. This tedious work pays off in the longevity our customers enjoy from their professional painting experience.