Men In White Cookie Can

Behold…the Men In White Gourmet Cookie!

We proudly announce the birth of the Men In White Gourmet cookie!!

Isn’t she a beauty?!?  Yes, it tastes just as good as it looks.  We could not be any prouder of this decadent new addition to our company.  We have teamed up with Sweet Treats by Marla Payne who concocted our exclusive new cookie.  She agreed to keep this recipe a secret and it is exclusive to Men In White Painting. We are super excited for those we will be able to bless with the gift of these cookies.  The unique packaging and witty label add to their enjoyment. 


Why on earth does a painting company need an exclusive cookie? 

Great question! The answer is YOU! We know we would not have grown to be who we are today without the help of our customers.  If you receive a paint can full of our cookies, please know you are appreciated and valued.  Word of mouth advertising is what made us a household name around Mt. Vernon.  We wanted to put our money in your mouth instead of gimmicky advertising!  How many contractors complete a job to your satisfaction…then give you the most amazing dozen cookies you could ever imagine??  We do!! It’s one thing to simply say that we appreciate your business but this way we can show you.  And good friends don’t let friends miss out on an opportunity to enjoy an awesome cookie! We hope that it will be shared with family and friends.  And friends don’t let friends miss out on an opportunity to enjoy an awesome cookie!

Gourmet Cookies

Keep an eye on our Facebook page as we will be hosting random contest. Some of these contest prizes will be a fresh dozen of our exclusive new cookies.  If the idea of having the very best painters come paint your house doesn’t make you call us…we know the possibility of getting a dozen of The Men In White Painting Gourmet Cookie surely will!! Yes…it’s THAT good!!  

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