Fabulous Bad Idea

I Suffer from Fabulous Bad Ideas!!

 Fabulous Ideas

So, with all the unseasonably warm weather November has blessed us with this year I, Christina, decided to tackle some outdoor projects at a now vacant rental house.  Apparently working for a painting company has made me think I am as skilled as our pros.  Quickly I  found that so very far from the truth! 

I took on a deck project.  There were only two days of warm weather and  I needed adequate drying time.  Oh boy! This deck was in such bad shape I was afraid a match would be it’s only hope. It took the better part of the day to get it all pressure washed.  There were many cracks and ugly spots.  My friends at our local Sherwin Williams store told me of a wonderful product (on sale) that was the only positive in the entire project! SuperDeck Elastomeric Deck and Dock paint is the real deal folks.  It coats and seals like no other product on the market.  It must be applied heavily and evenly for optimum results which means the doggone application process would take twice as long. 

Nice! I was down to hours to get this monster complete! No putting off until tomorrow as tomorrow was going to bring rain and then temperatures would drop below the 50’s.  All or nothing!! I got this!

turn into…

Halfway through painting the 347,962 spindles (moderate exaggeration) I was beginning to realize there was a very real possibility this thing wasn’t going to be finished by days end.  Ain’t nothin’ gonna breaka my stride! I just painted faster.  Then  I began cutting some corners and became a bit less concerned with the quality of my work.  By the time the sun went down I just was throwing paint on the deck, which I could no longer see, in hopes it’d look good in the light of day! There were no outdoor lights, my car lights only blinded me further.  I finally admitted defeat about an hour after dark.  My mission was a failure.  There were a dozen unpainted spindles and several boards that may or may not have received a coating as I’m not certain I threw the paint in the right direction. 

Oh, the agony of defeat….BUT that was NOT the worst agony this day would hold!!!!

the fabulous bad ideas.

The final and most disappointing in this deck project was the harsh reality that I am not as young in shape that I thought I was.  My body ached in more places than I knew existed.  You see, I’m old and fluffy.  Old fluffy office gals who think they can do what they SEE others do should not suffer from such bad ideas.  They say that wisdom is nothing more than healed pain.  So true! I do believe the next time I get such a fabulous bad idea I shall call in my now-more-than-ever respected professionals at Men In White Painting!! If you are old, fluffy or just suffer from fabulous bad ideas you should call my respected co-workers too.  Your body will thank you!!!

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